Four bonuses that you can use while betting on boxing

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The sports betting industry has all sorts of fans who are more than happy when they get the chance to bet on the sport they like. Usually, football gets the most attention because this option provides users with the most markets and good odds. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other options that are worth it, such as boxing.

Although betting on combat sports is not as easy as it may sound, people like boxing and MMA because they are fun. Hence, you can often find many gambling websites that create special bonuses for those kinds of sports. Let’s check out a few promotions that you can use once you start punting on your favorite combat sport.

  1. Matching deposit bonus

The first promotion that you can put to the test on most betting platforms is the so-called “matching deposit bonus”. Usually, this promotion only requires a deposit, but there are gambling sites where you also might need to use a promo code. For example, the NGN bonus code BETENEMY could be used for Bet9ja (only for new customers) and it will give them the chance to double their initial deposit amount and even get a free bet.

The matching deposit offer will come in handy for every boxing fan. Thanks to the bonus funds, you can wager on a specific player using the additional money given to you by the bookie.

  1. The special short-term offers for a particular boxing fight

Unlike other sports, there aren’t any regular boxing leagues or tournaments. There are some exceptions, but every top-rated boxer usually has a maximum of one or two fights per year. That’s one of the reasons why this sport is not as popular as others when it comes down to betting. Sometimes, there isn’t anything you can bet on.

Besides getting a matching deposit bonus, users who use the Bet9ja promo code BETENEMY might also have the chance to avail themselves of a short-term boxing offer. Most online bookmakers create special rewards for a particular boxing event, such as the one for the heavyweight title. It usually comes in the form of bonus funds or free bets, but you could also get a cashback.

  1. Bonus cash for a KO

One of the things that makes boxing so popular is the KO. Even though this is not good for the boxers themselves, most people are happy if they get to see a fast KO by one of the two boxers. That’s why some gambling websites decided to take advantage of it and offer them a special short-term promotion. Users who decide to put it to the test will receive additional money if there is a KO during the fight.

  1. Mobile Boxing promos

Since most top-rated boxing events take place in Las Vegas or somewhere in the Middle East, some people don’t have the chance to watch them at home. Luckily, their smartphones allow them to keep track of everything, including live boxing events. Some boxing fans also use their handheld devices for betting, which is why you can often find exclusive mobile boxing deals.

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