The Biggest Fights Everyone Wants to See (and Why They Won’t Happen)

The sport of boxing has experienced a revival in the last few years, one that is led by the exciting rise of top lightweights, middleweights, and heavyweights, as well as the controversial rise of crossover fights. 

In 2022, we’re expecting things to get even better, but as NY sportsbook promos prepare for some big fight nights in NY and beyond, we’re going to address why the biggest ones will probably never happen.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

It’s the fight that every boxing fan wants to see, a matchup between the two best British heavyweights, as well as two fighters that have been involved in a lot of heated exchanges over the years.

It would be huge for the sport of boxing. But it probably won’t happen.

Firstly, let’s dismiss the fact that Fury has announced his retirement after the Dillian Whyte fight. He’s a master of mind games and loves to troll the media, so we have to take that announcement with a grain of salt.

Secondly, it’s only viable if Fury beats Whyte and Joshua beats Usyk. Considering Usyk is in Ukraine right now, that fight—planned for April—could be delayed. Even if it’s not, he schooled Joshua in their first bout and is expected to repeat that feat.

If both of them win, they have to sit down at the negotiation table and hash out a deal. The same is true if either of them loses and they decide to fight anyway. But that has clearly proved to be an issue in the past, and they have failed to agree on anything thus far.

Even if we assume a relatively quick deal, it could mean waiting until 2023, and that’s assuming there are no disagreements, changes, retirements, or injuries. Joshua’s promotors may also be worried that another loss will end his career and his hopes of future big money fights.

It’s probably the most likely one on this list, but it’s far from a guarantee.  

Mayweather vs Any Title Contender

A few years ago, everyone was lining up to challenge Floyd Mayweather Jr. and even today, we’re seeing contenders throwing their hats into the ring and fans calling for fights.

But there’s no way that Mayweather will be stepping into the ring with young contenders, or even the likes of Amir Khan and Kell Brook, both of whom were keen to fight him in his younger days and have been suggested in recent months.

Mayweather is 45-years-old. His last professional fight was nearly 5 years ago against a UFC star and the last time he fought a boxer was in 2015. He might fight a couple of exhibitions, but he’s not putting his health or record on the line to fight an actual boxer in a professional bout.

Jake Paul vs A Good Boxer

Jake Paul is getting a bit ahead of himself. Sure, he has the skills to dominate other YouTubers and retired MMA fighters. He may even have given Tommy Fury a run for his money. But he’s calling out contenders and champions and he’s expecting them to agree to a fight.

It’s highly unlikely that will happen. It would be difficult for any self-respecting federation to sanction such a fight, and although he is universally hated, it would be hard for a real boxer to step into the ring with Paul and school him on the sweet science. 

It could border on assault. And that’s saying nothing against Jake Paul—it would be true for any rank amateur who steps into the ring with a contender.

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