Which are the popular boxing betting markets that people use?

boxing betting

The most popular boxing betting markets are usually available on many websites all over the world. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because many people started betting on the hottest boxing events. Even though MMA and the UFC, in particular, are the preferred betting option when it comes down to combat sports, some of the popular influencers like Logan and Jake Paul have brought boxing many new fans. Needless to say, some of them are happy when they get the chance to punt on their favorite boxer.

Since boxing is a popular sport, you can find it on many gambling platforms. Before you decide to choose one of them and place a bet, let’s check out some of the popular markets that you can use.

Final Score 

The first market on our list is called Final Score, and it is available on virtually every online sports betting platform. If you read the review where the betting experts from Efirbet gave a total rating of 4.1/5 to Megapari’s sportsbook, you will see that this place also offers this feature. Sometimes, you can find it under different names, such as 1×2 or simply “Winner”, but it does the same thing.

People who decide to put this market to the test will have to choose which boxer they want to punt on. Interestingly, players can also bet the match will end in a draw. Typically, this option has higher odds than the other ones, especially when it comes down to boxing.

The number of punches

The second market is more special because it is only available to bettors who wager on combat sports. Predicting the total number of punches in a given boxing match is not easy, even for someone who has a lot of experience. As a result, most online bookmakers that have this market provide their users with excellent odds.

It is important to note that this is one of the betting markets that has two variations. The first one will require you to predict the exact number of punches or at least to be as close as possible. Sadly, guessing this market is really difficult, which is why most gambling platforms provide it in the Over/Under format. In this case, you just have to guess whether there will be over or under a certain number of punches during the fight.

Total Rounds

Lastly, one of the most common markets that you should find on most betting sites is called Total Rounds. Users who see Megapari’s rating by Efirbet and read the review will notice that most boxing events give them the chance to place a bet on the total number of rounds. In most cases, online bookies also include this in the Over/Under format because it attracts more people.

However, you could have the chance to predict the exact round that the match will end. The odds for this particular option are usually higher, but it is definitely riskier.

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