Xavi, the legend overshadowed by Lionel Messi

If we analyze the development of Catalan Barcelona at the beginning of the 21st century, the club’s domination was the biggest at the time when Messi, Iniesta and Xavi played there. This trio is deservedly considered one of the most high-status groups in the history of football. The Betway bonus can be useful for both beginners and experienced bettors. Thanks to it, you can place risk-free bets and make a profit. The strength of this trio is also proved by the fact that in 2010 they all ended up in the top three in the Golden Ball vote. However, it is quite expected that the award went to the most entertaining Argentinean player.

xavi football player

The least noticeable athlete in terms of performance — but no less important in terms of efficiency — was Xavi. He spent 24 long years in the top Catalan club, and only before retirement he made the decision to go to Qatar. For almost the entire time in Barcelona, ​​he was a key midfielder. Moreover, he was partly fortunate that his prime was the dominance of the Spanish national team at the international level. As a result, in his home team, he played 505 matches and scored 58 goals. Betway actively provides bonuses to its active players who place bets and carry out financial transactions every day. Also, Xavi is one of the national team’s record holders in terms of the number of matches he had. The legendary footballer had 133 games.

What has Xavi achieved over the years of his career?

In terms of his significance for Barcelona and his role on the field, Xavi is somewhat similar to another European legend, the Italian Francesco Totti. Yes, we can say that the latter spent his entire career in Roma, but still. The azscore.com service is one of the best tools for keeping sports statistics. Speaking about Xavi’s main achievements, the following should be noted:

  1. Eight-time Spanish champion and three-time Cup winner. It should be noted that the management of Barcelona often neglected the Cup games.
  2. He Won the Champions League 4 Times.
  3. Together with the Spanish national team, he became the European Champion twice and the World Champion once.
  4. A lot of personal awards. Separately, it is worth noting the fact that the midfielder was named the best playmaker 4 times in the period from 2008 to 2011.

It is not surprising that almost immediately after the end of his career, he was entrusted to coach the Qatari Al-Sadd. Azscore offers its users the latest information on results in more than 30 sports. Now you won’t have to be in a stadium or at a TV screen to know how your favourite team has played. All info is updated live.

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