Punjab vs Kolkata Head to Head, KXIP vs KKR Previous Meetings info

Today on the 27 March 2019 King XI Punjab (KXIP) takes on the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) sides in the evening of 8-00 PM IST time at Eden Garden, Kolkata. If we seen the past battled between these two sides of Punjab and Kolkata then Both The team are playing 19 Matches to each other since the Inaugural Edition of the IPL 2008. Kolkata Knight Riders team are upper hand on this previous battle as they won the 13 times while KXIP are won the 6 matches but if we seen the previous Seven encounter between this KXIP vs KKR then Kolkata won all of them so Punjab are under pressure for todays IPL Match.


If we seen the recent battle of Kolkata Knight Riders vs King XI Punjab then both team meet on 4 May 2016 where Kolkata Knight Riders Won by 7 runs.

Kings XI Punjab – Kolkata Knight Riders Head to Head Statistics – KXIP vs KKR Previous Battle

KKR vs KXIP Head to Head Records IPL

FirstTeam SecondTeam Winner Margin Ground Date
Kings XI KKR Kings XI 9 runs Mohali May 3, 2008
KKR Kings XI KKR 3 wickets Kolkata May 25, 2008
Kings XI KKR KKR 11 runs Durban Apr 21, 2009
Kings XI KKR Kings XI 6 wickets Port Elizabeth May 3, 2009
Kings XI KKR KKR 39 runs Mohali Mar 27, 2010
KKR Kings XI Kings XI 8 wickets Kolkata Apr 4, 2010
KKR Kings XI KKR 8 wickets Kolkata Apr 30, 2011
KKR Kings XI Kings XI 2 runs Kolkata Apr 15, 2012
Kings XI KKR KKR 8 wickets Mohali Apr 18, 2012
Kings XI KKR Kings XI 4 runs Mohali Apr 16, 2013
KKR Kings XI KKR 6 wickets Kolkata Apr 26, 2013
KKR Kings XI Kings XI 23 runs Abu Dhabi Apr 26, 2014
Kings XI KKR KKR 9 wickets Cuttack May 11, 2014
Kings XI KKR KKR 28 runs Kolkata May 27-28, 2014
KKR Kings XI KKR 3 wickets Bangalore Jun 1, 2014
Kings XI KKR KKR 4 wickets Pune Apr 18, 2015
KKR Kings XI KKR 1 wicket Kolkata May 9, 2015
Kings XI KKR KKR 6 wickets Mohali Apr 19, 2016
KKR Kings XI KKR 7 runs Kolkata May 4, 2016
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