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Around 526 Competitors of Rowing are schedule to played in Tokyo Summer Olympics from 23-30 July 2021 at at the Sea Forest Waterway (Central Breakwater) in Tokyo Bay. There are Seven events for men and six for women in Rowing sports at Tokyo Olympics 2021. Fans can watch live coverage of All Events of Rowing of Summer Olympics 2021 in below tv channels as well as on websites.

Men’s Single sculls
Men’s Coxless pair
Men’s Double sculls
Men’s Lwt double sculls
Men’s Coxless four
Men’s Quadruple sculls
Men’s Eight
Women’s Single sculls
Women’s Coxless pair
Women’s Double sculls
Women’s Lwt double sculls
Women’s Coxless four
Women’s Quadruple sculls
Women’s Eight

Complete Schedule of Tokyo Games Rowing 2021

Fri 23 July 8:30 – 12:10

Men’s Single Sculls Heats
Women’s Single Sculls Heats
Men’s Double Sculls Heats
Women’s Double Sculls Heats
Men’s Quadruple Sculls Heats
Women’s Quadruple Sculls Heats

Sat 24 July 8:30 – 12:30

Women’s Single Sculls Repechages
Men’s Single Sculls Repechages
Women’s Double Sculls Repechage
Men’s Double Sculls Repechage
Women’s Pair Heats
Men’s Pair Heats
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Heats
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Heats
Women’s Four Heats
Men’s Four Heats

Sun 25 July 9:00 – 11:40

Men’s Single Sculls Semifinals E/F
Women’s Single Sculls Semifinals E/F
Men’s Pair Repechage
Women’s Pair Repechage
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Repechages
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Repechages
Men’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage
Women’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage
Men’s Eight Heats
Women’s Eight Heats

Mon 26 July 9:00 – 11:20

Women’s Single Sculls Quarterfinals
Men’s Single Sculls Quarterfinals
Women’s Double Sculls Semifinals
Men’s Double Sculls Semifinals
Women’s Four Repechage
Men’s Four Repechage

Tue 27 July 8:30 – 12:00

Men’s Single Sculls Semifinals C/D
Women’s Single Sculls Semifinals C/D
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Final C
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Final C
Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final B
Women’s Quadruple Sculls Final B
Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final A
Women’s Quadruple Sculls Final A
Men’s Quadruple Sculls Victory Ceremony
Men’s Pair Semifinals A/B
Women’s Quadruple Sculls Victory Ceremony
Women’s Pair Semifinals A/B
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Semifinals A/B
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Semifinals A/B

Wed 28 July 8:30 – 11:40

Women’s Double Sculls Final B
Men’s Double Sculls Final B
Women’s Four Final B
Men’s Four Final B
Women’s Double Sculls Final A
Men’s Double Sculls Final A
Women’s Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
Women’s Four Final A
Men’s Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
Men’s Four Finals A
Women’s Four Victory Ceremony
Women’s Eight Repechage
Men’s Four Victory Ceremony
Men’s Eight Repechage
Women’s Single Sculls Semifinals A/B
Men’s Single Sculls Semifinals A/B

Thu 29 July 8:30 – 11:50

Men’s Single Sculls Final F
Women’s Single Sculls Final F
Men’s Single Sculls Final E
Women’s Single Sculls Final E
Men’s Pair Final A
Women’s Pair Final A
Men’s Pair Victory Ceremony
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Final A
Women’s Pair Victory Ceremony
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Final A
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
Men’s Pairs Final B
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
Women’s Pairs Final B
Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Final B
Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Final B
Women’s Single Sculls Final D
Men’s Single Sculls Final D

Fri 30 July 8:45 – 10:55

Women’s Single Sculls Final C
Men’s Single Sculls Final C
Women’s Single Sculls Final B
Men’s Single Sculls Final B
Women’s Single Sculls Final A
Men’s Single Sculls Final A
Women’s Single Sculls Victory Ceremony
Women’s Eight Final A
Men’s Single Sculls Victory Ceremony
Men’s Eight Final A
Women’s Eight Victory Ceremony
Men’s Eight Victory Ceremony

How to Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 Rowing Live streaming, Telecast online

Most of Rowing Fans around the world want to watch Summer Olympic games at Tokyo Rowing Events live streaming and Telecast online on computer, laptop, Tablet along with Mobile Device on Windows, Android and Iphone, ipad.

  • NBC and Tokyo Olympics Official Website bring all the Games of Men’s and Women’s Rowing Events of Tokyo 2021 Olympic games live in Around the world on their website.
  • Rowing Fans of India can watch Summer Olympic games by visiting and Sony Channel of Sony Ten 1, 2, 3 as well as Sony Six channel which is the official broadcasting website That provides all Tokyo 2021 Rowing Games live in India.
  • Website bring Olympics 2021 Mens’s and Women’s Rowing Live coverage for UK Countries.
  • ESPN and Fox sports official website provide Tokyo 2021 Rowing live streaming in Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean Countries
  • Italy Fans have to Visit Sky Italia sports to Enjoy Summer Olympic games Rowing live coverage and live action.
  • CCTV sports bring the Rowing All Matches Of Tokyo Olympic games in China Country.
  • Seven Network broadcast Rio Olympics Men’s and Women’s Rowing games Live in Australia. 
  • CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Provide 2021 Rowing Tokyo Olympics live stream in Canada Country.
  • Sky TV  will broadcast live coverage of Rowing Events of 2016 Olympics in New Zealand.
  • Canal Plus Website and TV channels broadcast Tokyo Rowing Events in France country.
  • European Countries fans can Watch Tokyo olympic games Rowing evens live on Sportfive Network.
  • Russian have to Go NTV Plus to See the Summer olympics Rowing Events live action.
  • Supersport Official Website provide the Tokyo live coverage in around 40 countries of Africa

To Know More about Live coverage kindly visit List of Tokyo 2021 Games Live telecast channel info.

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