European Football Chiefs form Plan to Resume Competitions

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our ways of life. Many countries have closed restaurants, schools, and churches. The pandemic has adversely affected the sports industry. Football federations have stopped and suspended many football leagues and competitions. European football has been suspended for more than a month. But, European soccer chiefs are deliberating on resuming competitions. Read on to learn more about it.

The Plan to Resume Football Competitions

Lars-Chrisster Olsson, EL president, Andrea Agnelli, ECA chairman, and AleksanderCeferin, UEFA President sent a letter to all European football clubs a few days ago. They warned them against abandoning their leagues as the Royal Belgian Football Association did. The three football chiefs expressed their hope that competitions will restart soon. But, public authorities will issue directives on how the tournaments will be organized and played.

The Europa League and UEFA Champions League were suspended in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe. Some European governments imposed a ban on sports gatherings and lockdowns to prevent the disease from spreading. Many online football fans have been staying indoors since football federations suspended local and international tournaments.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has been assessing the financial, legal, and regulatory issues that the suspension of football competitions caused. They are creating a plan to restart the tournaments in July or August.

The working groups of the football union are assessing various scenarios that might occur by July. The football chiefs stated that UEFA tournaments might resume once domestic leagues end. They need to jointly manage football calendars with federations from different European countries.

The 2020/2021 season might delay due to the current crisis. The Royal Belgian Football Association shocked many soccer fans when it canceled the league and crowned Club Brugge as its winner. Football chiefs will soon reveal some of the measures they will take to complete the current season.

Football federations that will cancel domestic competitions without seeking UEFA’s approval might not feature in the next Europa League and UEFA Champions League. UEFA picks teams based on their standings in domestic leagues. The letter sent to all European leagues indicated that they should follow the outlined rules and award trophies based on the results of various teams.

Reports state that the European leagues planned to discuss the chiefs’ letter at a conference. Also, all English Premier League teams would have a video conference to plan how they will complete the 2019/2020 campaign.

Since the Royal Belgian Football Association canceled the league prematurely, Club Brugge might miss the $33 million cash prize from UEFA and the 2020/2021 UEFA Champions League. UEFA determines which clubs will compete in the Champions League and the Europa League. The union postponed all national team games that were rescheduled to resume in June.

European football chiefs are planning to resume competitions in July. They recently sent letters to European leagues warning them against relinquishing their seasons after the Royal Belgian Football Association canceled the Belgian league and crowned Club Brugge as the winner. The Union of European Football Associations is optimistic that most football leagues will resume in July.

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