First Hat-Trick of MCL 2016 by Krishmar Santokie


Today in the Tenth Match of the Masters champions league 2016 Between Sagittarius strikers vs Gemini Arabians and on that match Strikers Bowlers Krishmar Santokie taken the First Hat-Trick of this MCL T20 tournament. They take Four Wickets in Four balls. They tooks the wicket of Sangakkara, Hodge, Kemp and Hassan.

Krishmar Santokie tooks first hat-trick of MCL
Krishmar Santokie tooks first hat-trick of MCL

Santokie to Sangakkara, out Bowled!!

Santokie to Hodge, out Caught by Imran Farhat!!

Santokie to Kemp, out Caught by Bond!!

Santokie to Naved-ul-Hasan, out Caught by Arafat!!

Santokie to Chanderpaul, out Chanderpaul Run Out!!

In the Final Over Also Fifth Men out but its run out.. what a Good 20th Over and its will a Record in All Time as Given just 1 Run in 20 Overs and Take 5 Wickets (1 Run out)