Rio Olympics Wrestling Free Style Equipment, Rules, History

Wrestling history in 2016 Brazil Olympics

Wrestling for the first time was introduced into Olympics in 1900, during that the wrestling game has no much popularity or fame, and the wrestling game had started raising its popularity in 1904 games which was happened in Saint Louis. And the success of this game in the Olympics followed by 1912 games and also in 1920 games which was organised in Antwerp.

Coming to the recent years the 2000 olympics tournament which was organised in Sydney was a great success and in which wrestling was featured as a main event and also rose its popularity a lot since the 1972 games, there by attaining many fans and later on in 2004 women also started participating in wrestling

Among the lady wrestlers Japan was shined a lot in many Olympic tournaments and apart from that USA and France also showed their marriage in the games, and thus classified as one of the best wrestlers in Olympics Championship till now and they have also taken home the golden medals.

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Rio Summer Olympics 2016 – Wrestling Game Equipment


These are special kind of boots that are made up of cow hide, that doesn’t have any Heels.

Wrestling suit

The wrestling suit of Olympics is really very awesome, it is of 2 colours mainly either red or blue and made up of stretchy material for better gaming experience of players. It is made in such a way that it doesn’t have sleeves or any cloth below the knees so as to give them good grip in the game.

Wrestling in summer olympic games
Wrestling in summer olympic games

2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro Wrestling Rules

The full length of the match is only 6 minutes which is divided into two equal half of 3 minutes each and in which it is provided with a break of 30 seconds in between and points will be gained by performing special moves. Elbowing, eye-pokes, strangulation, hitting the knees, pulling the opponents hair etc., are strictly prohibited.


In freestyle wrestling the wrestlers are granted with special permission to use any part of the body in order to perform their moves, locks, take downs and holds.

A person maybe winner by technical fall only if one of the wrestler is forwarding with an advantage of 10 points then obviously he will be declared as a winner of the game.

If both the two players haven’t fallen on the mat then the wrestler who had scored some more points is presented as a winner of the game.

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