The largest list of esports live score is available at Wewatch

Saying that the popularity of esports has grown during recent times would be the understatement of the year. The popularity of this type of discipline has simply exploded, especially among younger generations. Considering the millions of followers of this exciting form of entertainment that exist around the world, it is essential to provide them with a great list of esports live score, both in terms of quality and quantity, and it is fair to say that Wewatch has excelled in this realm.

Fans of the most popular video games featured in esports matches and competitions will be delighted to know that Wewatch recently rolled out its brand new esports live scores section. It features the largest list of events from a multitude of games, and provides direct access to streamings if they are available.

Wewatch also has a schedule with Dota 2 upcoming matches

Having a good list of live scores is important, but having a schedule with future contests is as well. Now it is possible to review the most important Dota 2 upcoming matches in the fantastic schedule developed by Wewatch. People can check it for absolutely free, and the times and dates shown on it are properly adjusted according to the time zone of the user, so they will never again need to worry about missing an event because of a seemingly incorrect time.


Hundreds of contests are featured at any given time on this upcoming matches Dota 2 calendar. It already enjoys a great level of popularity, with thousands of fans visiting every day. This is a testament of how good Wewatch has been doing things recently.

There is also a great CS GO schedule at Wewatch

Wewatch has been establishing itself as the ultimate destination for all esports fans around the world. Part of the reason for this corresponds to the games that they feature, including also a fantastic CS GO schedule. Some examples of the forms of entertainment that appear at this site are:


  • CS: GO
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • FIFA 21

Speaking about the first game in this list, and as previously mentioned, recently Wewatch rolled out a brand-new schedule CS GO, which features hundreds of upcoming matches where the best teams in the entire world participate. Obviously, live streamings of these matches are directly linked in case they are available. All of this has made Wewatch a mandatory destination not only for Dota 2 fans, but for followers of CS: GO and other video games as well.

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