Rio Olympics 2016 becoming nightmare to Brazil due to crisis

The 2016 Rio Olympic games which are going to be held at Brazil is expected to be one of the best events of Olympics till now, but unfortunately this might become a nightmare for the entire crew. Actually everyone expected that this Rio de Janeiro Olympic games will be organised by the Brazil like the biggest Brazilian carnival because Brazil is one of the best and most developed countries in the southern american countries.

The main motto of Olympic games is to create a friendly relation between all the countries and there by encourage the sports talent. This is one of the biggest and prestigious events in the whole world because here every country participates to protect their Prestige and defeat other nations and move forward to show their power utilising this Olympic games as an opportunity.


If you ask me why the 2016 real games might be a failure, this year’s Olympics games have been started for creating much more Unity among the countries in which all the games have been supported by wealthiest Nations like Australia, Canada, United States and other big countries which are going to be a part of it and showing the friendly nature to the rest of the parts of the world.

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The main heart breaking news is the Brazil national government is in serious crisis and the budget of the nation is completely on the deficit so this is making them feel more troubled for organising the summer Olympics games 2016, this had also created some kind of disturbances in the society also and thereby there is some violence in the country which is making it more prone for having an successful future to the Olympics tournament going to happen in a few days.

Because even it is a very good event and also viewed by highest number of people but the place where it was being organised is completely out of control and it is filled with some protest and complete instability in the country which is making them troublesome for the organising of olympics tournaments.

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