How Has The IPL Taken The World by Storm?


For many years now cricket has been a loved sport in many countries. We know that places such as India and Australia have loved the sport for a long time which different leagues and tournaments taking place each year. Australia really embraced a love of cricket over recent years, with the launch of things such as the Big Bash League. A rise in women playing Australian cricket has also helped the game grow in popularity.

The IPL was founded in 2007 and now is played yearly between March and May. There are 8 teams that take part, each of much represents a different area of Indian. The most successful team is the Mumbai Indians who have found a total of 5 titles since the IPL began. Players like Lasith Malinga scoring a total of 170 wickets in their career has certainly helped make the league one to watch.

The Indian Premier League has grown in popularity of recent years, but what has made it so popular?

The Marketing

One of the things that has helped the IPL grow in popularity is the marketing behind the game. As it started to become more popular they really ramped up the marketing and helped the game reach a much wider audience. Well-thought-out marketing strategies were implemented across TV, radio, printed magazines and even outdoor billboards and large sporting events. With the world already having a love of cricket, advertising a new league of cricket and a whole new world of cricketing to follow made sense. People are always keen to watch more of what they love, so they put effort into making sure the right audiences found out about the league and could join in. 

Being Embraced By Celebrities

Everyone loves a celebrity endorsement and IPL is no exception. The game was embraced and talked about by many well-known Indian celebrities. Film stars like Shahrukh Khan and JuhiChawla helped to bring Bollywood movie fans to the game – using them as anchors to secure a much wider viewing audience. Celebrity endorsement has helped many brand names across the world grow in popularity and cricket and the IPL is no exception. 

Well Thought Out Gaming

Recently they have taken steps to make sure that the game is as accessible as possible. Even just making space changes to when the games were shown has helped it become more popular. They switched and made sure that all games were played and shown in the evening – this meant that people at work didn’t have to miss out. If someone is interested in a sport they want to follow every match so in order to help IPL take the world by storm they had to take steps to make sure that as many people as possible could watch the matches, especially important ones. 

Growing in Popularity

Cricket has grown in popularity worldwide over many years, although the game itself is hundreds of years old. There are many theories as to why this is, however players and the game is more accessible to people definitely contributes towards this. For example, by using social media players can build up an audience and fan following, so even if they change teams they are likely to stay as popular. The internet streaming of games also means that people throughout the world can enjoy international leagues such as the IPL – because they have access to being able to watch the games without hassle. Watching IPL on Sportsadda and following the game on there has definitely made it more accessible to people worldwide interested in cricket.

Is there one thing that has helped IPL gain popularity? Probably not just one thing but a mixture of things. They have certainly introduced some amazing players over recent years which has helped the game become a more enjoyable one to watch.

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