Handball Equipment at Rio 2016 Olympics Rules, History

History of Handball in Rio Olympics 2016

Previously handball was a very good game in the Olympics but after 1936, it was completely stopped and later on in 1952, a new game was introduced that is known as indoor handball and for the first time it was played in 1972 Olympic games which was held in Munich. In which Yugoslavia had won the game and had taken the golden title beating down 16 men group teams.

And later on their wrath is followed by women handball players who played for the first time in 1976 in Montreal. And for the first time they have also won the Olympics title and taken home 2 titles by beating down 11 teams.

2016 Brazil Olympics Handball Equipment


The ball which is used for the handball game weighs around 425 to 475 gm that which is played by the man, and the ball which is played by the women will be around 325 to 400 gm

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The Fort which is used for the handball game had a dimensions of around 40 metres in length and 20 metres width and it is separated by a middle line that partitions it into two halves which are equals in size and it is well furnished so it forms 4 quarters.

Rio Olympics 2016 Handball Rules


The total duration of this game is 1 hour, which is divided into two parts of 30 minutes each. If in case the game ends a draw then the team should have to play an extra 10 minutes which is 18 divided into two equal half of 5 minutes each and thereby the winner is decided and in this case also the game ends in tie then there will be a penalty shootout where the person has to strike a 7m shots and thus the winner will be declared.

handball at summer olympic games
handball at summer olympic games

Do and don’ts

The player shouldn’t hold the ball for more than 3 seconds in the hand and if the ball is dropped in the middle then the service goes to the other person, no player should touch the ball with his legs and the only person that is goalkeeper who can touch the ball with his foot.

Outfield players are not allowed to touch the ball or enter the court in any manner or in any case.


The corner can only be counted if the outfield player throws the ball to the goalkeeper and is termed as goal throw


A free throw can only be considered if the place where the file is recorded is between the area and the 9m line if any kind of fights shall be banned.

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