Australia’s Gavrilova Eyeing to Hopman Cup Defend

Australian Tennis Star Daria Gavrilova HD pictures

Australia who is winners of the previous edition of hopman cup 2016 and now they are defending champions of this tennis league. Australian Star Daria Gavrilova who are looking to maiden WTA Title in 2017 Hopman cup but before they she want to get a selfie with Switzerland’s Roger Federer. Gavrilova who has brilliant year … Read more

Hopman Cup 2016 at Perth Teams, Players Seeds

28th Edition of Hopman cup tennis tournament between nations in Men;s and Women’s Tennis which will commence from the 3rd of January 2016 at Perth Arena in Perth, Australia. This tournament played till 9 january so tennis fans can enjoy the hopman cup live around one weeks of time. Total 8 Teams are participating in … Read more