4 Most Profitable Sports in the World

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Football matches or tennis tournaments attract everyone. Even people who don’t workout themselves, watch these events with families and friends or even guess the winner by betting on 22Bet. But some of these competitions have the greatest number of fans so that they bring lots of money to the athletes. Here are 4 most profitable sports. 


Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona can afford to pay their players $7 million a year, making football the best-paid sport in the world. Its popularity on all continents has played a role here.

The most profitable athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to football, the star is actively involved with world-renowned companies – Electronics Arts Sport, Nike and Germalife. The status of “Best Footballer” and millions of followers on Instagram provided him with extra income from advertising.


Winning a major tennis cup tournament can bring an athlete a fortune of several million dollars. Besides, immediately after the game, the winner is immediately pounced upon by a huge number of sponsors who want to sign lucrative contracts, most often related to product advertising for brands. All of this adds up to a handsome addition to an athlete’s income for his services to the sport.

The richest tennis player is Roger Federer. His entire career has brought him over a hundred million dollars, and that’s just the prize money. Advertising brings Federer really big money. Deals with global giants (Barilla, Nike, Mercedes, Rolex, Wilson, and others), bring the tennis player tens of millions of dollars annually.


Basketball is also on the list of the highest-paid athletes in the world with a salary of several million dollars. Like football, basketball is an insanely popular sport, allowing players in the National Baseball League to earn more than $4 million a year.

One of the highest paid athletes in the sport is LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player earns tens of millions of dollars a year from games. He has scored more than 30,000 points in his career, making him the youngest player to do so.

In addition to his success on the basketball court, LeBron has Kia Motors, Intel, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Blues Pizza as partners. 


Boxing is the most spectacular sport. It’s difficult to become the best here. You have to have outstanding physical performance, real stamina, and the desire to win at all costs. Boxers constantly develop such skills as manual dexterity, quick reaction, monitor the coordination of their legs and arms, and train on their punches.

And, naturally, such work is justified by the luxury in which the most famous of these athletes live.

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