Luxembourg vs France Head to Head


Luxembourg and France football teams compete against each other in international soccer matches and tournaments since 1911. Since then both nations have met 16 times each other in an international football game.

Head to Head

Luxembourg 1 : 15 France

Luxembourg vs France In Football
Luxembourg vs France In Football

First time Meetings

First ever football match between Luxembourg and France took place on 29 October 1911. On that occasion France Won with 4-1 score in International Friendly Games.

Last Meetings

Recently both team Luxembourg and France meet in the UEFA European Championship game on 25 March 2011 which was Won France with 2-0 score.

Next Match

Both Luxembourg and France Football Team will take on each other in the 2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification Game on 25 March 2017.

Date Match Result Score Competition
29 Oct 1911 Luxembourg v France W 1-4 International Friendly
20 Apr 1913 France v Luxembourg W 8-0 International Friendly
08 Feb 1914 Luxembourg v France L 5-4 International Friendly
15 Apr 1934 Luxembourg v France W 1-6 FIFA World Cup
20 Sep 1953 Luxembourg v France W 1-6 FIFA World Cup
17 Dec 1953 France v Luxembourg W 8-0 FIFA World Cup
04 Oct 1964 Luxembourg v France W 0-2 FIFA World Cup
06 Nov 1965 France v Luxembourg W 4-1 FIFA World Cup
26 Nov 1966 Luxembourg v France W 0-3 UEFA European Championship
23 Dec 1967 France v Luxembourg W 3-1 UEFA European Championship
07 Oct 1978 Luxembourg v France W 1-3 UEFA European Championship
25 Feb 1979 France v Luxembourg W 3-0 UEFA European Championship
13 Oct 1984 Luxembourg v France W 0-4 FIFA World Cup
30 Oct 1985 France v Luxembourg W 6-0 FIFA World Cup
12 Oct 2010 France v Luxembourg W 2-0 UEFA European Championship
25 Mar 2011 Luxembourg v France W 0-2 UEFA European Championship

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