Iran’s Captain Meraj Sheykh looking to better performance in Kabaddi world cup 2016


Just around week a time to go for the Kabaddi world cup Ahmedabad all participating teams are preparing hard for the better performance in India. As per Fixtures 2016 Kabaddi world cup Will be schedule to starts from the 7th october at the Arena By Transstadia in Ahmedabad Venue of Gujarat states. Iran is one of the team who always giving fight to all major international competition.

Meraj Sheykh said to Times of India, “I am 100 percent sure about that. We have always been a formidable side and we’ve improved more from the last time we played India. We have more young players playing for us now and they have the experience of playing in India.”

He also added “It has been good for us because after being part of the kabaddi scene, we have kind of understood the tactics and techniques used by our Indian counterparts.”

Iran has been unable to overcome the Indian side in the previous finals of the last two Kabaddi World Cup as they lost 27-55 in 2004 and 19-29 in 2007.


Meraj added, “We are being made to watch a lot of match clips. Coaches usually analyse players from other countries and base their technique accordingly.”

As per Schedule of 2016 Kabaddi world cup Iran Team including in the Pool B so they have to played against USA, Poland, Kenya, Thailand and Japan to qualify for the next level. Team Iran started the KWC 2016 Campaign by playing the first match against United states of America on 7th october 2016.