People are getting ready to watch the most awaited tournament of the year 2017.  The tournament has scheduled with many matches which are going to happen between the great players. Especially the match between Rafael Nadal and the Roger Federer will be the greatest one. The two legends are getting ready for the face to face match. For the first schedule of this year, Nadal has agreed to be a part of Australian open tennis that too in an international ground. The same thing has happened a few years back at 2009.


Australian open tennis is just nearing, where the people are very much interested in showing their love towards the tennis. The organization has already scheduled the date for the tennis matches in the tournament. The players were getting ready to be a part of this year’s Australian open 2017. At 2015 the player Novak Djokovic were won the medal and became the champion. This incident might boost the fans to know about the winner of 2017. Especially the legendary players were entering the international ground after years to get back the title of championship.

FEDERER VS NADAL in Australian open
FEDERER VS NADAL in Australian open

People seem to think that this year’s Australian open tennis championship also will be won by Djokovic. On the other side, people started to think about Roger and Federer. One thing is sure the matches between these players will be a great one. It is going to be the best series so far from the previous tournaments.


Yes! The matches between the players in Australian open tennis will be happen very soon. It’s just two week we are away from the tournament. Many use to get the tickets for the live match and some of them will feel to watch only in live streaming sites. It is very common nowadays that the people often use to watch the matches on live streaming websites. It is just another regular commercial one which helps the people to sit and watch at their home. There are many live streaming channels are available to watch the Australian open tennis matches. Some of the main channels which is going to help out the people to watch the Australian Open Tennis tournament on Seven Network, Sky NZ, British Eurosport, ESPN, beIN Sports, Sony Six, TSN, Super Sport, FoxSports and much more. These are the channels where people often use to watch the sports.


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Finally, we are in the waiting mode for the great scheduled matches. Those who are all interested to watch can also watch it via any websites as well as TV channels that what is mentioned above.