Who Do We Know Of Roger Binny – The New Bcci President?

who do we know of roger binny

Every Indian cricket fan is aware of the 1983 win of India. The underdog cricket team defeated the mighty West Indies. The Cricket World Cup was hosted in 1975 for the first time. West Indies won two consecutive world cups and was the undisputed team. India was just emerging as an international team to qualify and play in this championship. Literally, no one realized the potential of a new team when compared to the West Indian giants. The Indian players snatched the title from the West Indies and won the final by 43 runs. It was a history made by the team. One of the prime architects of this historic win is Roger Binny. His remarkable all-rounder and fielding skills helped the team to cover this journey and become the champion. Back then, fans were stuck to their radios and televisions to listen to and watch live cricket match broadcasts respectively. These days, fans can make an online cricket prediction and enjoy the thrill. Roger Binny has witnessed this transformation. It depicts how experienced this new BCCI president is.

Roger Binny’s Career

Roger Binny was a promising player in the Indian cricket team. His full name is Roger Michael Humphrey Binny. He entered the limelight when he scored 211 against the strong team of Kerala. Their unbroken record of 451 runs in an opening partnership alongside Sanjay Desai made him the right candidate to join the national cricket team. He was an aggressive batsman and a brilliant bowler. His batting and bowling skills went hand in hand. His fielding skills were up to the mark too. His swinging skills made him one of the prime bowlers to start the delivery in the prime hours. He was remarkably skilled in swinging balls in the new condition. The winning strategy of the Indian team was to swing the ball by the pacers before the spin quarter was introduced. In his career, he played 27 tests and 72 ODI and scored 1459 runs. As a bowler, he took 47 test wickets by playing 27 matches and 77 ODI wickets by playing 72 matches. The 1983 World Cup made Roger Binny a significant pillar of the Indian cricket team. Captained by Kapil Dev, this team made the impossible possible. Roger took crucial wickets of Desmond Haynes, Gordon Greenidge, and Vivian Richards in the first match with the mighty West Indies. All of these batsmen were out by scoring single digits on the crease. Despite his furious swings and pace, India could not win the match against the undisputed World Cup winner. It was Michael Holding’s magic that crumbled the Indian batting order. Another remarkable performance written in golden words is his 7 wickets out of 58 runs in the second test match against England in 1986. His best test figures include 4 wickets out of 9 runs and 6 wickets out of 56 runs against Pakistan in Eden Gardens in 1987.

Fun facts about Roger Binny

  1. Roger, as a sportsperson

He was natural at many sports. Back in the day, he held a national record for javelin throw when he was a boy. He also represented the school in hockey and football.

  1. The first Anglo-Indian to play for India

He was the first Anglo-Indian to play for India’s national cricket team. He is considered the pioneer when he debuted against Pakistan in 1979.

  1. The first mark in his cricket career

When he was 20, he scored 71 against Maharashtra and took 4 wickets for 108 runs. He then slammed 563 runs with an average of 62.55 in 1977-78 and made his mark in Ranji Cricket history.

  1. World Cup 1983

As mentioned earlier, he was one of the architects of India’s first World Cup win in 1983. He was an all-rounder but was selected by the team for his exceptional bowling skills. His perfect swings with the new ball tumbled the batting order of the West Indies team. In fact, he was the leading wicket-taker in the 1983 World Cup, which led the team to win it for the first time. He took a total of 18 wickets in this season at a rate of 18.67 runs. He also maintained a strike rate of 29.3 and added more strength to the team. His wickets were all important batsmen that contributed to two wins for the West Indies. His 4/29 spell against Australia made India reach the semi-final in 1983.

Roger Binny: The 36th BCCI President

His 1979-87 career is what made him one of the strongest contestants for the 36th BCCI presidential position. He replaced Sourav Ganguly, the 35th President of BCCI, to hold this position. Previously, he was the president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association. He also served as a member of the selection committee of BCCI. He became the 3rd test cricketer to be nominated as the BCCI president on 18th October 2022. The admirers of cricket in India are waiting for his tenure to bring remarkable changes in Indian cricket. This legend is all set to achieve new milestones with his experience as a veteran all-rounder of the Indian cricket team. He is 67 and has the right eye to detect the best talents for the Indian team. He has experienced how the world of cricket has transformed. Based on his experience as a veteran all-rounder, the BCCI management hopes for the best transformation to surface. The BCCI is yet to choose an ICC chairman.

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