Specific rules you must complete while using a football betting bonus

football betting

Although people watch all kinds of sports, football continues to be the preferred option when it comes down to betting. This is the sport where every punter can wager on various matches and competitions from all over the world. Even though most users choose one of the European or international events, you can often find betting platforms that will let you punt on almost any football league.

Since so many people log into their accounts to bet on this sport, some bookmakers decided it is time to create special football bonuses. Some of them may work even if you bet on another sport, but there are certain rewards that are only available for football matches. Each one has its specifics, but there are some rules that you can find on almost any platform, so let’s check them out.

The usage of a promo code

The first condition that you should be aware of prior to using your preferred football betting bonus is whether you need a promo code. For instance, the new customers could use this code 130EURO when registering at Betwinner, which will give them the chance to get a lot of additional cash from the welcome promo.

Besides these bonus codes, you may have to use a unique combination of letters and numbers before making a transaction. That’s why one of the first things that you have to do before you start betting is to check the specific Terms and Conditions.

Sometimes, users have to place a bet on a particular football match

Although punters who take advantage of the Betwinner promo code 130EURO can use their bonus on all sorts of things, most football rewards have different limitations. The most common one will only allow you to use the bonus funds if you punt on a specific football match.

Needless to say, this proposal usually becomes available if there is a specific match that is due to begin shortly. For example, you can often find it before the World Cup final or an important game in the Champions League.

There are offers that only work if you bet on the number of goals

One of the football-specific bonuses that you could have the chance to use is related to the number of goals. Despite being one of the most popular markets, most users rarely place a bet on the number of goals because it is too risky. Of course, this means that the odds are higher than the ones found in most other markets.

In order to “stimulate” its customers to use this betting market, some of the leading iGaming websites have special offers that provide different benefits, as long as you choose the correct score in a football match.

Interestingly, these offers only work if one of the two teams scores a goal. In other words, you can’t bet the match will end with a score of 0:0 because this will make the promo invalid.

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