Europa League history

europea league

The Europa League is one of the two largest club competitions in the Old Continent. And one of the most popular, which is confirmed by scores soccer  from football statistics sites from all around the world. Clubs qualify for the Europa League based on their league or national cup results. Those teams participating the last season occupied rather high places in the table, but could not make it to the Champions League.

The tournament was originally called the UEFA Cup and was founded 16 years after the first European Champions Cup, that is, in 1971. It replaced the Fairs Cities Cup, which was held from 1955 until that time. However, both competitions are considered as two independent tournaments. If you do not delve into history and watch only the current soccer scores, then the start of the modern Europa League began quite recently. Initially, in 1971-2004, subsequent matches were played on a two-match playoff system. It was only in 1997 that the UEFA Cup (the predecessor of the Europa League) began to hold its final matches in one country, in neutral territory:

  •  In 2004-2009, 40 teams took part in the UEFA Cup group stage, which were divided into 8 groups. 
  • From each of them, the top three made it to the playoffs. 
  • They were joined by 8 teams that were eliminated from the Champions League at an early stage.

Since the 2009/10 season, the UEFA Cup has officially been replaced by the Europa League, with a schedule of 202 matches. In each group, instead of 5 teams, 4 competed, and only the best 2 advanced to the 1/16 finals. However, it hasn’t changed that the teams that finished third in the UEFA Champions League group stage took part in the Europa League playoffs. A total of 196 teams from all over the continent take part in the tournament.

Europa League winners

28 clubs from all over Europe won in the Europa League. Most of all, 11 cups were won by the Spanish teams. Clubs from Italy and England each have nine titles. Sevilla has the most cups for winning the Europa League. The Andalusian team owes this great series in 2014, 2015 and 2016, when they won three championships in a row and beat the rest. In second place are the four teams that have won the UEFA Cup or the Europa League three times in their history – Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Inter and Liverpool. 

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